by Torn Shore

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released May 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Torn Shore Wrocław, Poland

Przemek - vocals
Dawid - guitars
Piotrek - bass
Łukasz - drums

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Track Name: Flesh
praise the pain | so cold outside so cold inside | praise | I got it in my veins whatever you say | first meet me meet me first
Track Name: Fossils
give us back what you'll not remember | try to find it on your own like you did before | saddest landscape in your mind greedy eyes will burn | give us back what you'll not remember | the storm is coming over you the pines will not cover | water boiling pressure steam flows within | the storm is coming water boils bloom inside | die now | don't pull us to the ground | fake
Track Name: S.T.C.
meaningless shit has waken me up breaking my bones made of glass | meaningless shit made of glass has waken me up breaking my bones | breaking my bones has waken me up made of glass meaningless shit | breaking my bones meaningless shit made of glass has waken me up | cover yourself say what is left build your own wall | you're made | smashing the crowds
Track Name: †
have you ever had an enemy or have you ever had a plan | she will tell you anything you want that is in your hands | brings you everything you want she brings you everything you need | succeeding your soul is the plan vendetta or revenge | cross your fingers first then try to find her on your back | burn her skin to dust then try to leave a scar as fast | she is trying to eliminate delete the past from you | making victim start to rot disassembling lot of you | your saddest vision she won't regret nothing to remember nothing is left
Track Name: Ignition
ignition flash | start the consumption make it fast | feel | the bones in your dinner grab and pass | leave | over replete | grain and flavor in your mouth | grind | muscles veins jaw clamp sound | frowd | ignition flash | over replete | why is my jaw breaking my eyes are still awaken | why is my face hiding my body is still faking | why
Track Name: Clouds
blindfolded by the clouds your vision brings you down | the sky is floating around your head disgrace as fuck nothing is here you should remember | feel your ground | blindfolded by the clouds your vision brings you down


inner shell petrified inner petrified | did it paralyze with your bloody eyes | greedy eyesight back at me | bring out your savage close your mind | won